Spotlight Club

Program sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth that brings talented local students to the UMD campus on Thursday afternoons to engage in a wide range of activities designed to help them develop the skills and confidence that they’ll need for success in college. Students participate in both lectures and mini-courses throughout the semester.

Spotlight Program offerings include:

  • Presentations by artists, musicians, writers, community activists, politicians, business executives, and sciences(including three Nobel laureates)
  • Three-week courses in topics such as yoga, songwriting, disk jockey training, self-defense, or magic tricks.
  • Field trips to New York City, Boston, and Harvard University.

Through Spotlight, 100 high school students come to the UMass Dartmouth campus each term to debate, explore, question, experiment, and analyze. UMass Dartmouth’s Spotlight Program provides enrichment activities and courses to support high school students looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of college. This innovative program helps them develop the skills and confidence they’ll need for college.

More than 4,000 students from the 37 high schools in the region have participated in Spotlight. They are students who are eager to try something different, and who have a solid sense of responsibility. Most have demonstrated academic or artistic achievement, and they are not afraid to take an unconventional route to reach their goals.

Meeting Days: Thursdays during the Fall and Spring Semesters.